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Opened my First Shop

Tote bag from the Otherland collection on RedBubble.
Tote bag from the Otherland collection

Yesterday I signed up on RedBubble to set up a shop. So far I have three different collections called; Inky and the Pen, A Dark Mind and Otherland. Each collection has a variety of artwork that I’ve probably posted on this website.

There are many products in my shop: tote bags, studio bags, phone covers, scarves, cushions, journals, cups and many more.

Inky and the Pen has products such as my logo, which I feel I need to improve. Once I make more money I’ll be able to start paying for Photoshop.

A Dark Mind is art from my previous blog University Paintings about mental health and the inner turmoil you face during dark times.

Otherland is art from my degree show, where I created my own landscape and world. I also wrote a story based in that world I can talk about another time.

If you need any Christmas present ideas have a look at my shop, you might see something you like. To access my shop on RedBubble press “Shop” at the top of the page or just click here. Or if you like any of the images below just click on them.

Otherland hand cover journal.
A Dark Mind scarf
A Dark mind cup
Ink works phone cover.
Ink works pillow throw.
Otherland travel mug
Otherland travel mug







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