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Week 4: Ode to Favourite Children’s Book

This week I am to make an Ode to my favourite childrens book. I have no idea how to do an Ode with illustration, but I have made a sickeningly sweet coloured treat!

Hansel and Gretel

I know what you are thinking “That roof is wonky!” “Those colours do not match!” “Why are your backgrounds always so boring?” First of all, the roof is meant to be crooked, try and make a ginger bread house that does not start to fall apart instantly! Also I’ve already established in my previous blog I am bad at colours, plus it’s a house made out of sweets, so it’s meant to look like diabetes. How creepy are Hansel and Gretel though?

I started off with the house using watercolours, I then used Indian ink on the trees and children. I tried using normal markers, but that made me hate what I was doing because it just looked terrible, so I went and bought a few Promarkers. I then fixed it all with the new magic markers then refined the details with a felt tip pen. I had made the stupid mistake of giving Gretel an arm, which messed up the image all together, so I photo shopped her arm out of it and  darkened  the black foreground, it looks so much better now!

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Below are images of my progress as I made it:





Hansel and gretel









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