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Doodles #6

In summer I always automatically become lazy and uninspired for a month, so I have had a bit of a break with this website. Now that the inspiration has returned I’ve decided to post a number of doodles I’ve made during the summer. While I doodled I was listening to an audio book  “Kingkiller Chronicles” by Patrick Rothfuss, so I found it really helped me zone out and not think too much about what I was doing with the pen. Now that I have to wait a while for the third book to come out I have no clue what to listen to next, my doodles have become way too over thought out, if anyone has any recommendations leave a comment.

As you may be able to tell these are all drawn with felt tip pen and a brush pen. I’m not describing them, as they were all technically drawn by my subconscious. Let me know what you think!

I will post the rest of them soon.

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