365 Days of Paint Challenge 2018: Intro

December has been extremely slow, I have done some regularly paintings, but during Christmas I only feel like eating, drinking, sleeping and watching Tv. Now coming up to the New Year, having just quit my job in Dominos, I am very motivated to try and do a painting every single day this year, I’m thinking of having a theme for each month. It might be difficult as I am moving to Cardiff at the end of January. I may change my mind as I do this as I may not like being restricted to the one thing. We’ll

At the moment I have the flu and find it hard to do anything except sit up next to my laptop and type. So I have made a list of my monthly themes for my daily paintings:

January: Food

February: Flowers

March: Birds

April: Dogs

May: Cats

June: Human

July: Patterns

August: Still Life

September: Mythology

October: Autumn

November: Expression

December: Comfort

If anyone has any suggestions let me know, I might change them.

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