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365 Days of Paint: Days 120- 130

I am posting this super late as I was in Ireland visiting my family and catching up with my friends. I didn’t bring my laptop with me either. I have come back from Ireland with a new fresh motivation which I really hope will last. I’m writing my plans in my blog here because if I write it in a notebook it will be forgotten.

  • First of all I am hoping to apply for an online MA in Illustration course, it’s cheaper than attending a course, and I will get the same opportunities and degree.
  • I hope to sell a lot of work. I want to focus on my watercolour paintings and digital work on etsy, society 6 and redbubble.
  • I am setting up a youtube channel for inky and the pen to post my timelapse videos. (I will start posting them on this site too.)
  • I want to make a watercolour basics class for beginners. People keep asking me how to use watercolours on instagram, so I feel really excited at the thought of sharing how I paint with others. I will probably put it on skillshare and youtube.

That is all for now. Check out my paintings below! I am really enjoying going freestyle and painting anything I want!

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