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365 Days of Paint: Days 181-190

I’ve been doing these paintings in a larger sketchbook, it’s interesting because doing things in a larger scale brings more of a challenge to painting. It’s giving me a little bit of art block though, because I have more page to work with I feel the need to go into detail and it is so tiring, I nearly feel myself dreading doing any painting. Another thing is I really don’t know what my style is, I just like to change things up too much. Sticking to the one is kind of boring. If any of you have any opinions about what you think my style should lean towards, comment, tell me what you think! Hearing other peoples opinions makes me realize if I agree or disagree and then make my own decisions on my artistic journey! Look through my paintings and tell me what you think.
Also I’ve been practicing patterns with adobe Illustrator and have been thinking of posting a few of them on my website. I will get to that once I finally post my timelapse videos. (Which can be found on my instagram!)

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