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I’ve Set up My Etsy Shop

Finally I have set up an Etsy Shop (Yay!). So far I’ve put up my Christmas Cards. If you are interested in purchasing any of them click on Shop up in the menu then the Etsy icon it will bring you to my shop or for now you can click here! If you live in Letterkenny, no need to set things up on etsy, send me a message and I will bring the cards to you. I will be adding more to the shop soon.  For now though here are a few pictures of my four Christmas cards.

One of these is my dog Bruno wearing a Christmas hat, I’ve sold quite a few of those already, there isn’t that many of them left,  so if you would like one contact me asap.

If you are a cat person or have a friend who is a cat person then you might be interested in my two cat cards.

The most popular one so far has been the Christmas night sky one.

To buy one it is €2.50, but you can buy 4 for €8.

They are A6 cards with white envelopes included.

Contact me if you have any questions regarding the cards or the store!

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University cost me £9,000 and my faith in Art

Facial map, 2012, felt tip pen on A3 paper, by InkyandthePen (Aine Kelly)
Facial map, 2012, felt tip pen on A3 paper, by InkyandthePen (Aine Kelly)

Would you believe that the first tutors, in my three years of Fine Art, to tell me to do my art my own way, was the two which were assigned to me in my final year? As mentioned in a previous blog, most of my tutors in my University were not very supportive, especially those from my first and second year.

Maybe it was I who was a bad student, for I was lazy and unmotivated, or at least that is the student the Fine Art course turned me into. Prior to University I had an amazing tutor whilst attending a Foundation of Art and Design course, she would always give me good advice, believed in me, as an artist, and my art. If my attention started to stray she would give me speeches that really motivated me work hard. I went to college every single day I could, stayed in until closing time, worked on sketchbooks regularly and experimented with as many mediums within my price range. I actually think I chose Fine Art because that was her teaching speciality. I probably chose the wrong course as the end of the day, because University of Ulsters Fine Art course completely eliminated my artistic pride. Continue reading “University cost me £9,000 and my faith in Art”

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Opened my First Shop

Tote bag from the Otherland collection on RedBubble.
Tote bag from the Otherland collection

Yesterday I signed up on RedBubble to set up a shop. So far I have three different collections called; Inky and the Pen, A Dark Mind and Otherland. Each collection has a variety of artwork that I’ve probably posted on this website.

There are many products in my shop: tote bags, studio bags, phone covers, scarves, cushions, journals, cups and many more.

Inky and the Pen has products such as my logo, which I feel I need to improve. Once I make more money I’ll be able to start paying for Photoshop.

A Dark Mind is art from my previous blog University Paintings about mental health and the inner turmoil you face during dark times.

Otherland is art from my degree show, where I created my own landscape and world. I also wrote a story based in that world I can talk about another time.

If you need any Christmas present ideas have a look at my shop, you might see something you like. To access my shop on RedBubble press “Shop” at the top of the page or just click here. Or if you like any of the images below just click on them.

Otherland hand cover journal.
A Dark Mind scarf
A Dark mind cup
Ink works phone cover.
Ink works pillow throw.
Otherland travel mug
Otherland travel mug







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University Paintings

Although I prefer to draw, I did have my painting phase in University. I do every now and then revisit painting, but mainly using ink and watercolour paints in a style I can draw around. In this blog I am exhibiting five paintings from my first and second years of University. They are all completely different styles due to my lack of planning when I come face to face with a canvas. Most of the time I just wing it. I feel like Art University was a complete waste of time and I still have no idea what I am doing; sometimes it works, other times I just murder a canvas.

The first two images are from my final project of first year, I decided to make maps out of flowers and faces. The last three are from the first semester of second year, for which I decided to do a project on mental health. Check out the paintings below and let me know what you think!

Floral City map, painted with Indian ink and watercolours. Made in 2013 by InkyandthePen (Aine Kelly)
Floral City map, painted with Indian ink and watercolours on watercolour paper. Made in 2013 by InkyandthePen (Aine Kelly)

Continue reading “University Paintings”