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Week 16: Experiment

A week late I am posting this for the sake of posting it, as I am not happy with the background. I may post an Week 17’s illustration during the weekend, if I have the time. Last week I was so busy working, I ended up falling behind in everything. So for this chilled week I have been constantly drawing.
For this challenge I decided to experiment a bit more with the new pencil drawing to Photoshop techniques I have been practicing. I would do a detailed sketch of an animal, take a photograph of it, then use Photoshop to add colours.














These are the drawings before I photoshopped colour into them.

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Week 15: Adventure

I don’t even know where this idea came from, I think I thought about it one morning when I was half asleep. I feel like it has a “Little red riding hood” and “Thumbelina” twist in a way. It could be symbolic of innocence; A small girl going out and discovering the dangers of the big big world. I feel like it may have also been inspired slightly by a game called “Little Nightmares”, which I recommend to anyone who loves a good horror genre.

The flowers are from a photograph I took in my mums friends garden. I started off with pencil, photographed the images and Photoshopped the colour in. I want to make more images like this, maybe I’ll link my next illustration in with this one. I really hope you enjoy this illustration as much as I did making it!

Little Adventure
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Week 13: Cinema

Blind date at the cinema

I know it may not fit properly under the illustration category, but web comics are a thing I have been interested in for a while. I know this isn’t exactly relatable, I’m just revealing my very strange sense of humor and love for puns.
I probably should have coloured it in and added a bunch of shading, but I’m trying to keep it simple, as soon as I start to add any details I can’t stop. Enjoy this dumb little comic and let me know if I should continue to experiment with more stuff like this. Thanks for checking it out! 🙂

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Week 9: Baking

Hello everyone! This week for my 52 week illustration challenge my topic is baking. I was originally going to just draw a cupcake with swirly icing and go into detail. Then I remembered that I am an illustrator and should be telling some sort of story with art, so I used a few techniques I’ve developed recently. After using for a days I’ve learned so much! I feel like within a week I’ve vastly improved. So If you want to learn anything arty; be it digital, web design, painting or drawing, they have like over 10,000 lessons and you get your first month free!

I went completely random this week and drew a Muffin baking cookies. I almost took it to a sinister place by giving the muffin a face, but I kind of like the cute vibe it has now. I started off with just using pencils, then I photographed it, put it on Photoshop and coloured it all in. I added a few shadows and little tonal touches.

Pencil drawing of Muffin baking cookies
Muffin baking cookies rendered on photoshop

The perspective is a bit off, but I hope you enjoy it! Follow me, leave a like, comment or share this. I may be setting up a shop soon so stay tuned.

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Week 8: Pastel

‘Pastel’ is this weeks theme, I don’t actually have pastels so I decided to get out the drawing tablet. I’m not exactly used to digital drawing so this week was a nice work out trying something new.

So below is the first thing I thought of when I thought about the pastel theme, I imagined that Mary Antoinette was always into her pastel tones. To anyone who doesn’t know who Mary Antoinette is crack a history book, and if you are too futuristic for books, then crack a google. All I will say is she was the Queen of France during the French revolution. She is mainly known for saying “Let them eat cake” when asked what she would do about all the starving people in the country. So you could say she was off her head… pun intended… I would like to apologize in advance for the sickly sweet colour usage.

Week 8: Pastel


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