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Doodles #4

While I am in a wordy mood, I may as well catch up with my blogging, I only get like this at night time these days. The drawings I am about to share are from the last few months. They are actually from a drawing challenge I didn’t stick with, but at least I did some art!

Darth Vader and Fatherly love

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Doodles #3

Yet another blog about doodles, but most of the art of mine that I actually like are doodles. Anyway here are two old doodles and three more recent doodles.

Comic zombie skull, felt tip pen on paper, 2014.

This is a complete copy from a comic book about “zombie history” of a zombie skull. I would like to develop a comic book style of drawing, so every now and then I completely copy something from a comic book so steal the technique. Hey don’t judge, I’m not exactly claiming the design as my own, just learning from better artists, on the other hand Picasso did say “good artists borrow, great artists steal”. 

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Doodles #2

Hey guys, I know I have not blogged in a few weeks, I’ve have been absolutely flat out with my new job in Cardiff. I do have a few free moments every now and then, but when I’m not in work, my brain literally shuts down, makes it hard to think, let alone blog. Today is one of my days off, I have been doing a little bit of drawing and inking, so I decided to brush the dust off my blog and continue posting artwork from over the years.

So today I am just going to post a few more random doodles that will either be recent or years old.

Nessie, Watercolour and felt tip pen.
Nessie, Watercolour and felt tip pen 2014.

A painting I very much enjoyed making last year. I was using watercolour paints and would like to revisit this style at some point, maybe even master it. According to my boyfriend its “goofy”, but I like approaching my art with a characteristic approach.

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Otherland Part 1

In 2015 I decided to base my final degree project on a fantasy landscape, called ‘Otherland’, from a story I was writing. ‘Otherland’ is like a bridge between life and death. If a spirit strays onto this land, there may never be a chance of escape. The creatures on ‘Otherland’ consume any spirit that crosses its path, which isn’t a true death, they become one with the creature, share its thoughts, experiences and hunger. This could be a good or bad thing depending on the creature and spirits compatibility. The bad combinations become distorted beings, only longing for the hunt. In the story line, a woman combines with a white fox, which becomes the part of her she was missing her entire life. Their compatibility is so high that they do not become one twisted being, but can shape shift from human to fox, inspired by Kitsunes in Japanese mythology. (And foxes are my favourite animal)

Below are doodles I did while trying to plan out the landscape, but I ended up liking these images so much I included them in my degree show.

Night Castle, Indian ink on Watercolour paper, made in 2015.
Night Castle, Indian ink on Watercolour paper, made in 2015.

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