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Inktober 2018 Part 1

Inktober is an art challenge that takes place during October with ink as the main medium. There is a list of daily prompts which helps you decide what to draw each day. I had a lot of fun with Inktober this year and will be using a lot of the designs for society 6 and redbubble. I may even sell a few original Ink works on etsy. I had a few stressful moments as I took part Inktober and 365 Days of Paint at the same time, doubling the amount of work I was used to doing. I went home to Ireland for a week during October¬† and couldn’t paint every day because I was catching up with family and friends. So they weren’t all done daily, most of them were done days after the deadline.

The name of the prompts are under each painting. I will be posting the rest in a few days time.

Day 1 Poison
Day 2 Zen
Day 3 Roasted
Day 4 Spell
Day 5 Chicken
Day 6 Drooling
Day 7 Exhausted
Day 8 Star
Day 9 Precious
Day 10 Flowing

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100 Days of Paint: Days 21-30

Day 21 to day 30, I was beginning to explore more styles in my painting and beginning to loosen up a bit. I have edited my page up a bit and hope that I made it a little bit easier to explore, give me any feedback you can on how to make my website more easy to use!

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100 Days of Paint: Days 1- 10

I am over 50 days into 100 days of paint, I have nearly completed a full sketchbook, posted it all on instagram, but I haven’t posted any of them on this website. Doing one painting every day is more of a challenge I have set for myself to make sure I keep up with the practice and improve. So far I have gone from detailed paintings of birds, to random patterns and textures, realizing that in order to stayed motivated to continue painting every day I have to lower my expectations and accept that not all of my paintings will be good. In fact the mistakes of a bad painting teaches me a lot more than any good painting. I have already learned so much and have really enjoyed it a lot.

Also would like to say that I will be doing Inktober as well, which will be posted on my instagram inkyandthepen.  

I would also like to mention that I am attempting to set up shop using my new paintings, just need to get round to editing them all and I will post about it when I’m done.

Enjoy the paintings!

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Doodles #1

I’m a little bit under the weather today so instead of typing up some big blog, I’m just posting a few doodles from over the years. They are in no particular order and some literally make no sense.


Mary Octonette, pen drawing, 2014, by InkyandthePen
Mary Octonette, pen drawing, 2014, by InkyandthePen

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