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365 Days of Paint: 32- 40

For February I have been painting flowers, I preferred painting fruit to be honest. Painting flowers the odd time is fine, but I am actually getting a little bit fed up with it. I suppose it is good practice, I have been painting them a little bit more minimal, which is something I once had a problem with, so I’ll try to see the bright side of this. I have sold two flower paintings this month though! (not the paintings below)
I’m now living with my boyfriend in Cardiff since the beginning of February, I’m settling in pretty well, I don’t have a job yet, but that just leaves more time to paint for the moment! So if you would like me to do any commissioned paintings for you give me a shout!

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365 Days of Paint: 11-20

Painting these every single day is so much fun, I’m learning so much and I can’t wait to see how my art looks by the end of the year! I have made time lapse videos of some of these paintings I will upload onto this site soon enough. Lately I am constantly listening to an audio book, it feels like a serious addiction. I can’t stop for too long, even now typing up this blog I keep thinking about ‘Stormlight Archives’ by Branden Sanderson. A bright side to this is I need to be doing something with my hands that doesn’t require too much thought while I listen to the books, so I always want to paint and make things.

Enjoy the paintings and follow me on instagram if you want to see images like these on a daily basis.

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100 Days of Paint: Days 71-80

I really should have posted these as I did them on this website, I seem to be a lot more committed to Instagram and Facebook. Now that it is November I find it extremely difficult to be motivated to post regularly, set up an etsy shop and start selling my work. I like to call it the Winter blues. I already suffer from depression, which I have control of most of the time, but ever since the clocks went back it’s been getting darker so much earlier, which is so depressing and I just find it so hard to do anything. Luckily completing 100 days of paint has made drawing and painting come more naturally as a daily ritual. Enjoy the paintings! I think I’ll finally make a post about my October artwork ‘Inktober’ soon.

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