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I’ve Set up My Etsy Shop

Finally I have set up an Etsy Shop (Yay!). So far I’ve put up my Christmas Cards. If you are interested in purchasing any of them click on Shop up in the menu then the Etsy icon it will bring you to my shop or for now you can click here! If you live in Letterkenny, no need to set things up on etsy, send me a message and I will bring the cards to you. I will be adding more to the shop soon.  For now though here are a few pictures of my four Christmas cards.

One of these is my dog Bruno wearing a Christmas hat, I’ve sold quite a few of those already, there isn’t that many of them left,  so if you would like one contact me asap.

If you are a cat person or have a friend who is a cat person then you might be interested in my two cat cards.

The most popular one so far has been the Christmas night sky one.

To buy one it is €2.50, but you can buy 4 for €8.

They are A6 cards with white envelopes included.

Contact me if you have any questions regarding the cards or the store!

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Otherland Part 1

In 2015 I decided to base my final degree project on a fantasy landscape, called ‘Otherland’, from a story I was writing. ‘Otherland’ is like a bridge between life and death. If a spirit strays onto this land, there may never be a chance of escape. The creatures on ‘Otherland’ consume any spirit that crosses its path, which isn’t a true death, they become one with the creature, share its thoughts, experiences and hunger. This could be a good or bad thing depending on the creature and spirits compatibility. The bad combinations become distorted beings, only longing for the hunt. In the story line, a woman combines with a white fox, which becomes the part of her she was missing her entire life. Their compatibility is so high that they do not become one twisted being, but can shape shift from human to fox, inspired by Kitsunes in Japanese mythology. (And foxes are my favourite animal)

Below are doodles I did while trying to plan out the landscape, but I ended up liking these images so much I included them in my degree show.

Night Castle, Indian ink on Watercolour paper, made in 2015.
Night Castle, Indian ink on Watercolour paper, made in 2015.

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