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100 Days of Paint: Days 81 – 100

I have finally posted all of my paintings for 100 days of Paint! It really was such an amazing experience and it really helped me grow as an artist. I think I will do a Christmas themed painting challenge throughout December, if anyone knows any challenges I should take part of let me know! I also think for 2018 I am going to do 365 days of paint. I realize that this is probably a little too ambitious for me as I plan to do a lot in 2018; Move to Cardiff, start an online MA in Illustration and attempt to work freelance (once I stop procrastinating and actually start selling things on etsy!) Speaking of which I am hoping to print off Christmas cards soon, just currently looking for the right place to buy them off.

Enough of my rantings, enjoy these 20 paintings I’ve crammed into the last blog! Christmas is just around the corner so if you would like to buy a painting as a gift then give me a shout.

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100 Days of Paint: Days 1- 10

I am over 50 days into 100 days of paint, I have nearly completed a full sketchbook, posted it all on instagram, but I haven’t posted any of them on this website. Doing one painting every day is more of a challenge I have set for myself to make sure I keep up with the practice and improve. So far I have gone from detailed paintings of birds, to random patterns and textures, realizing that in order to stayed motivated to continue painting every day I have to lower my expectations and accept that not all of my paintings will be good. In fact the mistakes of a bad painting teaches me a lot more than any good painting. I have already learned so much and have really enjoyed it a lot.

Also would like to say that I will be doing Inktober as well, which will be posted on my instagram inkyandthepen.  

I would also like to mention that I am attempting to set up shop using my new paintings, just need to get round to editing them all and I will post about it when I’m done.

Enjoy the paintings!

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The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe – Comic

In 2012, my final major project, for my Foundation of Art and Design course, was based on “The Raven” by Edgar Allan Poe. I was going through a “make all my art dark” phase, read the darkest of dark poems I could find, I based the project before this one on poems by Emily Dickinson, so I was going in hardcore.

I did a few drawings and paintings, used all my black paint and pens, took a lot of photographs of my friends at the time posing and made this monstrosity. I may be a little hard on myself now, but at the time I was pretty impressed with how it turned out. I am actually cringing at how much ball point pen I was using, which I have not used in a very long time due to discovering the felt tip pen brand ‘Staedtler’. I only learned how to use Photoshop a few months prior to the project, so I would like to apologise for the bad editing.

The poem tells a story about a man being psychologically tormented by a Raven that keeps repeating “Nevermore”. This reminds the man of his dead paramour “Lenore” and all he has lost. I found this poem interesting, other than the fact that it was dark, because the man simply takes this bird as a symbol of every wrong in his life. I could list all the symbolism I got from the poem, but I think I’ll just post a blog of the sketchbook I worked on for the project. (Or at least pick out the best pages, its a very big sketch book.)

Front page

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