2020 Irish Mythology Calendar On Etsy

Hey guy! I’ve reached my target for Fundit and it won’t be long until I start printing. I’m so excited to announce my etsy page is open for business. Well it was already open… but I um… ahem… hadn’t logged into it since January. The dust has been swept off and it’s ready to sell some calendars. If you want to access my Calendar on Etsy just click here or the Image of the calendar below.

Here are a few examples of what will be in my Calendar. I can’t give away too many spoilers! Send me an email if you have any questions to



Fundit page for Irish Mythology Calendar

Hey guys! My fundit site is up and running at last! Click on the link and pledge €10 and you will get a calendar. My target is €500, so I don’t get any of the money to print the calendars until my target is met. If my target is not met by the end of November all the money is sent back. So why not donate anyway?

Click here or on the tree of life photo to fund my project.

Thank you so much for all the support!

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Irish Mythology Calendar

Hey folks! As usual I am terrible at posting on this website because facebook and instagram are so much easier. I have been working on an Irish mythology calendar and plan to publish it within the next month. I am setting up a fundit page which should be ready in a few day. Each calendar will have an illustration of a god, goddess or a mythological story for each month, with information about it next to it. Below are the illustrations that will be in it. Make sure to donate on my fundit page and you’ll get a calendar and maybe some other arty stuff depending on how much is donated. Donating will help so much. Keep an eye on my facebook or instagram!