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365 Days of Paint: 32- 40

For February I have been painting flowers, I preferred painting fruit to be honest. Painting flowers the odd time is fine, but I am actually getting a little bit fed up with it. I suppose it is good practice, I have been painting them a little bit more minimal, which is something I once had a problem with, so I’ll try to see the bright side of this. I have sold two flower paintings this month though! (not the paintings below)
I’m now living with my boyfriend in Cardiff since the beginning of February, I’m settling in pretty well, I don’t have a job yet, but that just leaves more time to paint for the moment! So if you would like me to do any commissioned paintings for you give me a shout!

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100 Days of Paint: Days 51- 60

A few more paintings from 100 days of paint! Check them out. I am now finished this challenge, but still need to put up about four more posts. I am now focusing on making Christmas cards and maybe even commissions for anyone who’s interested!

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Week 7: Botanical

For this weeks challenge I have an unfinished piece I never want to look at again. I started off motivated, but I started working on a drawing for a friends birthday present, by the time I got back to the drawing I went crazy from just looking at it. Even today when I decided it was finished I feel completely artistically drained, though I started the day feeling optimistic and driven to work all day.

I used a lot of pen, a little bit of Indian ink and watercolours. Some parts of the drawing are just scribbles because I lost all patience with drawing plants. It might be because in my challenge last week I was also drawing plants, so I now never want to see another plant again.

Botanical, Indian ink, felt tip pen and watercolours.

I decide to only colour the flowers and didn’t colour the leaves because I wanted to make sure the main focus is on the center. Hopefully next week will be better. I may do a digital drawing next week because the theme will be Pastel. I don’t have any pastels, so I will use pastel colours in the drawing I am yet to decide on.
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