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100 Days of Paint: Days 71-80

I really should have posted these as I did them on this website, I seem to be a lot more committed to Instagram and Facebook. Now that it is November I find it extremely difficult to be motivated to post regularly, set up an etsy shop and start selling my work. I like to call it the Winter blues. I already suffer from depression, which I have control of most of the time, but ever since the clocks went back it’s been getting darker so much earlier, which is so depressing and I just find it so hard to do anything. Luckily completing 100 days of paint has made drawing and painting come more naturally as a daily ritual. Enjoy the paintings! I think I’ll finally make a post about my October artwork ‘Inktober’ soon.

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100 Days of Paint: Days 11- 20

Here is days 11-20 of paint. I made these out of watercolours and pen. Have a look and let me know what you think. I’d also like to mention that I’m working on setting up the shops on redbubble and society6, which I will make a post about another day. I’ve also decided to set up a store on etsy, I’ve a few things I need to set up first though!


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