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Inktober 2018 Part 3

The rest of the paintings for Inktober 2018. I learned a lot during this challenge, but also found that I have much more to learn. I find working with ink to be so exciting, despite the mess I sometimes managed to make. I’m looking forward to doing it again next year.
This week I sent three of my inktober paintings to the Galway Art Centre for their open art exhibition. I am very excited to see how that turns out. I would also like to mention that I will be selling art at a stall at the Creeslough craft fair on Sunday the 25th of November. I’m hoping to sell some of my watercolour and ink paintings, digital prints, doodles and Christmas cards. For more information email me;!

Day 21: Expensive

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I’ve Set up My Etsy Shop

Finally I have set up an Etsy Shop (Yay!). So far I’ve put up my Christmas Cards. If you are interested in purchasing any of them click on Shop up in the menu then the Etsy icon it will bring you to my shop or for now you can click here! If you live in Letterkenny, no need to set things up on etsy, send me a message and I will bring the cards to you. I will be adding more to the shop soon.  For now though here are a few pictures of my four Christmas cards.

One of these is my dog Bruno wearing a Christmas hat, I’ve sold quite a few of those already, there isn’t that many of them left,  so if you would like one contact me asap.

If you are a cat person or have a friend who is a cat person then you might be interested in my two cat cards.

The most popular one so far has been the Christmas night sky one.

To buy one it is €2.50, but you can buy 4 for €8.

They are A6 cards with white envelopes included.

Contact me if you have any questions regarding the cards or the store!

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Inktober was a challenge I took part in during October, I painted and drew using black ink for the most of it in one of my pocket sized watercolour sketchbooks. Great experience, ended up loving some of the results, although I really disliked a lot of the paintings. I also discovered a new style I can use while painting and shot up by about 100 followers on instagram during that month. Have a browse through my 31 paintings and drawings, let me know what you think. I am currently looking for a Christmas challenge to partake in, but if there’s none I really like then I might start my own challenge like “#25daysofchristmaspainting” or maybe something that is less of a mouth full. Leave a like, follow me and check out my Instagram, Facebook or Twitter by clicking one of the icons at the top of the page! Again I will be doing commissions coming up to Christmas so contact me if you are interested in buying someone a Christmas present.

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Week 12: Spring

I don’t really consider this a good piece of artwork, I’ve been pushing through art block all week and this is the result. This is just a messy watercolour painting of my dog in a place I called “Dreamland” as a child. I feel kind of creative again coming to the end of the week, but now it’s time to start next weeks project. Enjoy!

Adventures with Bruno
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Doodles #3

Yet another blog about doodles, but most of the art of mine that I actually like are doodles. Anyway here are two old doodles and three more recent doodles.

Comic zombie skull, felt tip pen on paper, 2014.

This is a complete copy from a comic book about “zombie history” of a zombie skull. I would like to develop a comic book style of drawing, so every now and then I completely copy something from a comic book so steal the technique. Hey don’t judge, I’m not exactly claiming the design as my own, just learning from better artists, on the other hand Picasso did say “good artists borrow, great artists steal”. 

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