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100 Days of Paint: Days 21-30

Day 21 to day 30, I was beginning to explore more styles in my painting and beginning to loosen up a bit. I have edited my page up a bit and hope that I made it a little bit easier to explore, give me any feedback you can on how to make my website more easy to use!

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Doodles #2

Hey guys, I know I have not blogged in a few weeks, I’ve have been absolutely flat out with my new job in Cardiff. I do have a few free moments every now and then, but when I’m not in work, my brain literally shuts down, makes it hard to think, let alone blog. Today is one of my days off, I have been doing a little bit of drawing and inking, so I decided to brush the dust off my blog and continue posting artwork from over the years.

So today I am just going to post a few more random doodles that will either be recent or years old.

Nessie, Watercolour and felt tip pen.
Nessie, Watercolour and felt tip pen 2014.

A painting I very much enjoyed making last year. I was using watercolour paints and would like to revisit this style at some point, maybe even master it. According to my boyfriend its “goofy”, but I like approaching my art with a characteristic approach.

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