Week 6: Garden

For this week I spent way too long on my challenge so I’m a bit late posting it. The challenge was “Garden”, which is annoying because my challenge for next week is Botanical… That’s like the same thing right?

Anyway I’ve been thinking that because I am about 8 weeks behind everyone else who is doing the 52 week challenge I was thinking I might do 2 challenges a week for a little while. I will still call them weekly challenges on my blog though.

Before I started working on this weeks challenge I found really good paper I used in University, so I decided to work a little bit more large scale. I chose a photo I took in my great aunts garden, spent ages penciling the outlines, then drawing over them with felt tip pen. I then used my promarkers to colour in the main parts of the drawing. The patio tiles were coloured with my plain old regular markers.

Week 6: Garden

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University cost me £9,000 and my faith in Art

Facial map, 2012, felt tip pen on A3 paper, by InkyandthePen (Aine Kelly)
Facial map, 2012, felt tip pen on A3 paper, by InkyandthePen (Aine Kelly)

Would you believe that the first tutors, in my three years of Fine Art, to tell me to do my art my own way, was the two which were assigned to me in my final year? As mentioned in a previous blog, most of my tutors in my University were not very supportive, especially those from my first and second year.

Maybe it was I who was a bad student, for I was lazy and unmotivated, or at least that is the student the Fine Art course turned me into. Prior to University I had an amazing tutor whilst attending a Foundation of Art and Design course, she would always give me good advice, believed in me, as an artist, and my art. If my attention started to stray she would give me speeches that really motivated me work hard. I went to college every single day I could, stayed in until closing time, worked on sketchbooks regularly and experimented with as many mediums within my price range. I actually think I chose Fine Art because that was her teaching speciality. I probably chose the wrong course as the end of the day, because University of Ulsters Fine Art course completely eliminated my artistic pride. Continue reading “University cost me £9,000 and my faith in Art”

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Bloom Paintings

In 2013 I went through a feminist art phase in my second year of Fine art. At the time I wrote a poem called ‘Bloom’ and thought it would be a good inspiration for my art. I spent ages attempting to impress my Fine Art tutor, but she did not agree with any of the approaches I took. After months of scrapping photographs, drawings and paintings my tutor did not like, I found I only had one week to do an entire semester of artwork. In a state of panic I took to Photoshop, edited bits and pieces I had gathered throughout the semester and ended up accidentally making the imagery that helped me pass my second year of Fine Art.

After deciding on my imagery, I thought about the style and mediums I could use to impress my tutor. She always praised the students who painted in one particular way, using specific flesh toned and neutral colours. As much as I despised my tutors preference for one particular style, I decided to experiment with it. I originally painted all of these in watercolour, but ended up using oil paint.

'Dance to the Hum' inspired by poem 'Bloom'.
Dance to the Hum oil painting inspired by poem Bloom in 2013 by Inky and the Pen (Aine Kelly)

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