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365 Days of Paint: 201-2011

A few more paintings experimenting with style and colours. I also worked on a few Alice of Wonderland painting drafts for a commission I’m working on. Have a look, leave a like, follow me and tell me what you think!

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365 Days of Paint: 71-80

I finally have a job (yay!). I will either not have as much time to post, or having routine back in my life may help me get organised. We’ll see. Because I’ll be working in a Cafe, I decided for April my theme will be of Cafe and bakery styled paintings. I’m really looking forward to painting coffee, pastries and other baked goods.

Below are a few paintings of fluffy animals I’m quite happy with and hope to make surface pattern designs of them in the near future. Have a look through them and let me know what you think!

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Inktober was a challenge I took part in during October, I painted and drew using black ink for the most of it in one of my pocket sized watercolour sketchbooks. Great experience, ended up loving some of the results, although I really disliked a lot of the paintings. I also discovered a new style I can use while painting and shot up by about 100 followers on instagram during that month. Have a browse through my 31 paintings and drawings, let me know what you think. I am currently looking for a Christmas challenge to partake in, but if there’s none I really like then I might start my own challenge like “#25daysofchristmaspainting” or maybe something that is less of a mouth full. Leave a like, follow me and check out my Instagram, Facebook or Twitter by clicking one of the icons at the top of the page! Again I will be doing commissions coming up to Christmas so contact me if you are interested in buying someone a Christmas present.

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100 Days of Paint: Days 61-70

It’s November. Know what that means? It is officially okay to talk about Christmas. Also for me it means I can start making Christmas Cards. (not that it has anything to do with the paintings below)

Have a look through the paintings in this post, I really feel like I was doing a lot of experimentation and exploration in painting styles here. It’s good to be able to get in the zone and discover different techniques I could use in the future!

If you like what you see like, share, follow or maybe even consider setting up a commission.

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100 Days of Paint: Days 31-40

I have been posting so much paintings on instagram that I have barely posted anything on this website. Definitely going to attempt to post more regularly. I need to set up an inktober blog too.

While I was doing these paintings I started to consider doing surface pattern designs. I have worked on a few things on photoshop, but have many more things to learn.

Have a look at my paintings, like them, share them, follow me and let me know if you would like to set up a commission!

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