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365 Days of Paint: 91- 100

These are all in the wrong order because of some problems with uploading them, which doesn’t really matter, you can track them in order on my Instagram, which you can find an icon for above! So this month is Cafe-like illustrations. I’ve had a lot of people on instagram telling me the illustrations have been making them hungry, I’ve been eating so much sugary treats since I started these paintings. They just look delicious. I’m now attempting to swear off sugar (and failing).

I have to go to work soon, so I’ll keep this short. Have a look through my paintings, if you like any of them let me know and leave a comment saying what you like about them!

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100 Days of Paint: Days 61-70

It’s November. Know what that means? It is officially okay to talk about Christmas. Also for me it means I can start making Christmas Cards. (not that it has anything to do with the paintings below)

Have a look through the paintings in this post, I really feel like I was doing a lot of experimentation and exploration in painting styles here. It’s good to be able to get in the zone and discover different techniques I could use in the future!

If you like what you see like, share, follow or maybe even consider setting up a commission.

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