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Inktober was a challenge I took part in during October, I painted and drew using black ink for the most of it in one of my pocket sized watercolour sketchbooks. Great experience, ended up loving some of the results, although I really disliked a lot of the paintings. I also discovered a new style I can use while painting and shot up by about 100 followers on instagram during that month. Have a browse through my 31 paintings and drawings, let me know what you think. I am currently looking for a Christmas challenge to partake in, but if there’s none I really like then I might start my own challenge like “#25daysofchristmaspainting” or maybe something that is less of a mouth full. Leave a like, follow me and check out my Instagram, Facebook or Twitter by clicking one of the icons at the top of the page! Again I will be doing commissions coming up to Christmas so contact me if you are interested in buying someone a Christmas present.

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Doodles #7

These are some more doodles from a few months ago. They are all made from pen and ink, and are purely unplanned. I have been the worst at posting on this website recently because of work and I’ve been applying to teach in Korea. I have on the other hand been posting watercolour paintings regularly on instagram. I started a new challenge called #100daysofpaint and plan to stick to the 100 days. So far I’m on day 29, it’s very interesting and I am learning so much from it. I hope to set up shops on society 6 and a few other websites soon, I just need to get a proper scanner first to ensure my work is sold at it’s best quality. Have a look through my doodles and check out my instagram inkyandthepen for daily posts!

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Week 10: Weekend

As ‘Weekend’ is a very open topic I decided to do something I think I lot of people can relate to. I personally no longer relate to it ever since I sorted out my sleeping patterns, but at some point I was a total night owl.

I decided to draw and paint a Weekend night owl. It kind of is a bit of waffle since I happened to be drawing an owl anyway, but then I realized that it kind of fits in with this weeks topic.

I started off by drawing the mandala eyes with pen and a little bit of marker. I then used watercolours and Indian ink to make messy feathers. I added some white acrylics, as I can’t find any of my white watercolours. Lastly I added a few little details with my felt tip pen.

Weekend Night Owl

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– Inky

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Doodles #2

Hey guys, I know I have not blogged in a few weeks, I’ve have been absolutely flat out with my new job in Cardiff. I do have a few free moments every now and then, but when I’m not in work, my brain literally shuts down, makes it hard to think, let alone blog. Today is one of my days off, I have been doing a little bit of drawing and inking, so I decided to brush the dust off my blog and continue posting artwork from over the years.

So today I am just going to post a few more random doodles that will either be recent or years old.

Nessie, Watercolour and felt tip pen.
Nessie, Watercolour and felt tip pen 2014.

A painting I very much enjoyed making last year. I was using watercolour paints and would like to revisit this style at some point, maybe even master it. According to my boyfriend its “goofy”, but I like approaching my art with a characteristic approach.

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University Paintings

Although I prefer to draw, I did have my painting phase in University. I do every now and then revisit painting, but mainly using ink and watercolour paints in a style I can draw around. In this blog I am exhibiting five paintings from my first and second years of University. They are all completely different styles due to my lack of planning when I come face to face with a canvas. Most of the time I just wing it. I feel like Art University was a complete waste of time and I still have no idea what I am doing; sometimes it works, other times I just murder a canvas.

The first two images are from my final project of first year, I decided to make maps out of flowers and faces. The last three are from the first semester of second year, for which I decided to do a project on mental health. Check out the paintings below and let me know what you think!

Floral City map, painted with Indian ink and watercolours. Made in 2013 by InkyandthePen (Aine Kelly)
Floral City map, painted with Indian ink and watercolours on watercolour paper. Made in 2013 by InkyandthePen (Aine Kelly)

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