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Digital Doodles #1

As some of you may know, I have been trying to teach myself some Photoshop skills. There is a lot for me to learn. I only know the basics and I have been practicing with my ancient wacom tablet I got 6 years ago. This blog post isn’t anything flashy to show off skill, but more of a way for me to record how I am doing, so I can look back and compare when I become a pro.

I know I’ve been getting a lot more positive responses from my traditional art, but I have a really strong feeling that if I want to make any sort of career as an illustrator, I need to be able to use Photoshop professionally. According to my online research it would be a lot better to use illustrator, but I think I’ll wait until I have a well paying job.
The first page of Tom Price’s comic was my first experimental work with Photoshop. It took me a while, but I find it really taught me some skills with drawing on Photoshop. Although it is also a reminder that I can only work confidently on black and white, I feel no strong connection with colour and find it really hard to work with. That is something I am currently working on.  









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Week 2: Feathered Animals

For this week my challenge was to make an illustration of Feathered Animals. I have a really bad migraine today, so looking at my computer kind of hurts so I won’t ramble too much. It’s a good thing I finished the illustration a few days ago, this migraine makes it hard to do anything.

The blue bird was made from pens and markers and the background is a photograph of a sunset I took a while back, with Photoshop filters to make it look more painterly. The first photo is the original and the second is the completed illustration. Let me know what you think. Leave a like and follow me!


The complete illustration

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Otherland Part 1

In 2015 I decided to base my final degree project on a fantasy landscape, called ‘Otherland’, from a story I was writing. ‘Otherland’ is like a bridge between life and death. If a spirit strays onto this land, there may never be a chance of escape. The creatures on ‘Otherland’ consume any spirit that crosses its path, which isn’t a true death, they become one with the creature, share its thoughts, experiences and hunger. This could be a good or bad thing depending on the creature and spirits compatibility. The bad combinations become distorted beings, only longing for the hunt. In the story line, a woman combines with a white fox, which becomes the part of her she was missing her entire life. Their compatibility is so high that they do not become one twisted being, but can shape shift from human to fox, inspired by Kitsunes in Japanese mythology. (And foxes are my favourite animal)

Below are doodles I did while trying to plan out the landscape, but I ended up liking these images so much I included them in my degree show.

Night Castle, Indian ink on Watercolour paper, made in 2015.
Night Castle, Indian ink on Watercolour paper, made in 2015.

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University cost me £9,000 and my faith in Art

Facial map, 2012, felt tip pen on A3 paper, by InkyandthePen (Aine Kelly)
Facial map, 2012, felt tip pen on A3 paper, by InkyandthePen (Aine Kelly)

Would you believe that the first tutors, in my three years of Fine Art, to tell me to do my art my own way, was the two which were assigned to me in my final year? As mentioned in a previous blog, most of my tutors in my University were not very supportive, especially those from my first and second year.

Maybe it was I who was a bad student, for I was lazy and unmotivated, or at least that is the student the Fine Art course turned me into. Prior to University I had an amazing tutor whilst attending a Foundation of Art and Design course, she would always give me good advice, believed in me, as an artist, and my art. If my attention started to stray she would give me speeches that really motivated me work hard. I went to college every single day I could, stayed in until closing time, worked on sketchbooks regularly and experimented with as many mediums within my price range. I actually think I chose Fine Art because that was her teaching speciality. I probably chose the wrong course as the end of the day, because University of Ulsters Fine Art course completely eliminated my artistic pride. Continue reading “University cost me £9,000 and my faith in Art”