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100 Days of Paint: Days 1- 10

I am over 50 days into 100 days of paint, I have nearly completed a full sketchbook, posted it all on instagram, but I haven’t posted any of them on this website. Doing one painting every day is more of a challenge I have set for myself to make sure I keep up with the practice and improve. So far I have gone from detailed paintings of birds, to random patterns and textures, realizing that in order to stayed motivated to continue painting every day I have to lower my expectations and accept that not all of my paintings will be good. In fact the mistakes of a bad painting teaches me a lot more than any good painting. I have already learned so much and have really enjoyed it a lot.

Also would like to say that I will be doing Inktober as well, which will be posted on my instagram inkyandthepen.  

I would also like to mention that I am attempting to set up shop using my new paintings, just need to get round to editing them all and I will post about it when I’m done.

Enjoy the paintings!

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