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Week 16: Experiment

A week late I am posting this for the sake of posting it, as I am not happy with the background. I may post an Week 17’s illustration during the weekend, if I have the time. Last week I was so busy working, I ended up falling behind in everything. So for this chilled week I have been constantly drawing.
For this challenge I decided to experiment a bit more with the new pencil drawing to Photoshop techniques I have been practicing. I would do a detailed sketch of an animal, take a photograph of it, then use Photoshop to add colours.














These are the drawings before I photoshopped colour into them.

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Week 15: Adventure

I don’t even know where this idea came from, I think I thought about it one morning when I was half asleep. I feel like it has a “Little red riding hood” and “Thumbelina” twist in a way. It could be symbolic of innocence; A small girl going out and discovering the dangers of the big big world. I feel like it may have also been inspired slightly by a game called “Little Nightmares”, which I recommend to anyone who loves a good horror genre.

The flowers are from a photograph I took in my mums friends garden. I started off with pencil, photographed the images and Photoshopped the colour in. I want to make more images like this, maybe I’ll link my next illustration in with this one. I really hope you enjoy this illustration as much as I did making it!

Little Adventure
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Week 9: Baking

Hello everyone! This week for my 52 week illustration challenge my topic is baking. I was originally going to just draw a cupcake with swirly icingĀ and go into detail. Then I remembered that I am an illustrator and should be telling some sort of story with art, so I used a few techniques I’ve developed recently. After using for a days I’ve learned so much! I feel like within a week I’ve vastly improved. So If you want to learn anything arty; be it digital, web design, painting or drawing, they have like over 10,000 lessons and you get your first month free!

I went completely random this week and drew a Muffin baking cookies. I almost took it to a sinister place by giving the muffin a face, but I kind of like the cute vibe it has now. I started off with just using pencils, then I photographed it, put it on Photoshop and coloured it all in. I added a few shadows and little tonal touches.

Pencil drawing of Muffin baking cookies
Muffin baking cookies rendered on photoshop

The perspective is a bit off, but I hope you enjoy it! Follow me, leave a like, comment or share this. I may be setting up a shop soon so stay tuned.