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365 Days of Paint: 291-300

Most of these paintings aren’t the best, I was on holidays while I painted most of them. I do not have much more to comment on these so enjoy!

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365 Days of Paint: 281-290

As usual I am very bad at posting regularly on this website. I visited home and had inktober, so I was doing two paintings a day. When I needed a day to myself without art it doubled the amount of work I needed to get done. I got it all done eventually, once I came back from Ireland, but I still feel bad for not having it done on the day. The challenge is finally going to be completed soon. I am actually really excited to finish it. I’ve learned so much this year. I am a lot more confident in my painting and in selling my work. I will be posting more stuff on etsy soon. I don’t think I’ll do the Christmas cards this year. I will sell commissions instead. Something that has been triggering my art block lately is trying to do too many different things out of my comfort zone with my art. Once I get used to regularly selling my artwork I will start the next thing, like taking baby steps.

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365 Days of Paint: Days 271-280

Check out these watercolours and let me know what you think!

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365 Days of Paint: Days 261-270

Here are a few more paintings I really enjoyed. It’s weird to think the challenge only has a few more months left.

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365 Days of Paint: 241-250

I have finally quit my awful job and have a lot more time to work on my website and start a few more projects. Really excited to get started, I don’t know where to start first!

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